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I am a genocide researcher with an MA in Political Science. I will slowly be developing this blog to meet the need of an informal educational venue. If you see any problems with anything you see posted, or insufficient interests, or what have you, please email me. Discussion is always welcome; hate speech is not, and I know the difference. However, no comments will be censored. If you prove to be a problem, I will leave your comments but ban you from further disruptions.

Please add and watch this blog. If you have a similarly oriented blog, I will add you as a friend, but I will not be adding personal journals as friends. No entry here will ever be filtered.

While it's not the most "professional" of sites, I selected LiveJournal for my blog because of the potential for community building and networking; the ease of access, use, and interaction; and the massive number of users along with their proclivity to interactive discussion. This blog is not here to make me look good. This blog is here to help people learn about genocide and what they can do to change the world. Please, tell your friends about this blog if you find it. If you have some suggestions on how my blog or my language can be more accessible, please share them with me. I look forward to transitioning to a more professional site over the next year. I will be setting up a feed to this LiveJournal account, when that transition occurs. In the mean time, enjoy the posts and learn all you can. If you would like to help in the transition, either with expertise or financial assistance, I wouldn't turn you down. Public information on a budget!

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I am trying to consistently use the "Tags" function. If you have an interest in a specific nation or genocidal act, click the tag for that as displayed on the left-hand side of the main journal page. If you click the "Act" tag, you will find things you can actively do today to help end genocide.